For grip Gear from conveyer to machining and grip out to conveyer

For Fold metal sheet by vacuum system.

3 Jaws Gripper duo function with Rotate part module and 2 jaw parallel gripper

Duo gripper for load unload wheel gripper

For grip core of steel roll sheet.

For grip floor of pickup car to spot small part and Main part together . The gripper use Electro Magnetic and power clamp to grip part. Floor is alignment by Jig with pneumatic pusher and locating pin

Gripper for stamping small press 250 ton ,layout in series 5 machine from head line to bottom line

For Polishing Part , grip by 3 gripper

Apply with 4 axis Robot for Plastic injection

Gripper for Plastic injection by vacuum cup and gripper

It use for protect gripper and part when Robot hit at the component after Load Limitter

It use for common part and allow leak vacuum for some cup.

Gripper 3 Jaws for Machine part

Gripper 2 Jaw for Machine part

Destacker Metal Sheet ,advantage for heavy load and safty

Palletize box gripper by Mechanic

Welding wire box gripper

Bag Gripper for powder

Vacuum system apply with Mechanical for pallet and depallet Box. It can control vacuum zone

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