Auto Tool Changer for change gripper to work multifunction

Gripper for CNC ,Actuate by Coolant

Lighting switch with remote control





Model ZX,ZA,ZE-P

Model M25,P25,D32,L40

Linear recirculating ball bearing guides

Rubber grip from inside for delicate surface such as glass,plastic

Rotary Actuator for rotate part gripper 45,90,180 degree

Electric gripper,tool changer,rotary for Robot and Automation

End effector for plastic gripper with component include nipper

Manual tool Changer model QC and gripper for plastic injection runner

One finger ,Nipper, Vacuum for grip plastic injection

Common Gripper for over all part

Sample application with Wood Stone Box Glass Can Bottle

DOUBLE SWIVEL RING best product quality for heavy load and safety

DOUBLE SWIVEL SHACKLE best product quality for heavy load and safety

product range features compliance wrists, alignment devices, grippers, tool changers, load limiters and force & torque sensors.

Vacuum Cup ,Flat ,Bellow,Oval,Round with many material for a lot of size . Can apply with every industry ,Automotive, Food, Packaging

Vacuum cup with support ,Rectangular cup with ball valve self locking.

Suspension spring for absorb force

Suspension spring design for especial cup

Solenoid valve ,Vacuum Regulator,Sensor

Vacuum pump for heavy duty .Tank will make vacuum stable and reserve when electric circuit shut down. Pump control by cut off circuit to save energy.

Vacuum Generator with venturi method ,Generate by air pressure pass venturi with high speed the vacuum is generate.

The OCTOPUS system is our answer to the ever increasing requirements of operational flexibility for palletising robots and vacuum gripping systems in general. This system, in fact, it allows gripping objects of any shape and feature, provided that they do not have an excessive transpiration, without having to change or place vacuum cups, and even when their surface occupies only 5% of the whole suction plate.

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